Best quality fresh restaurant grade fruits, vegetables and products from local sources, delivered direct to your child’s day care centre.
Appealing child friendly healthy choices.
With no added E numbers in our preservative free muffins, muesli bars and healthy biscuits made in our own kitchen.
You can forget the stress of buying and preparing your child a healthy, balanced lunch every day…sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that the Yummy Tuckers Paediatric nutritionist has planned out all your child’s meals !
Earth friendly service using highly recycled and recyclable biodegradable, compostable minimal packaging.

We have sugar cane mulch boxes and plant oil salad and yoghurt pots!

Save money and the planet with no food wastage at home with goods going off quickly and no extra rush journeys to the supermarket to buy expensive last minute bits.

No more rushed morning preparation, trying to come up with appealing and nutritionally balanced lunches for your child.
No more nasty clean up in the evening cleaning dirty plastic containers.

We deliver to your child at their Daycare – every day of the week!
Speak to your Daycare Director tell her you want Yummy Tuckers!

Did you know you are spending around $6.00’s per day on packed lunches? depending on the quality of the food maybe a lot more.
Why not get your Daycare to do this for you!

No more wastage with fruits going off in the fridge and no last minute dashes to the supermarket.