About our Services


Your Child’s food is professionally balanced by our pediatric dietitian and it is of the highest quality available all sourced locally to our kitchens. Our uncooked meats are roasted/ poached by us in our kitchen then either shredded or sliced ready for the sandwich. Our fruit and veggies are of the highest grade and delivered to us daily. All our bakery products such as biscuits cakes and muesli bars are all ‘home made’ i.e. they are made by us and contain no preservatives, the minimal amount of raw sugar or no sugar at all and make extensive use of unrefined products to achieve a Low GI rating.

The food will be suitably portioned and presented i.e. we will cut the sandwich and the fruits to suit the age of the child.

Balanced Nutrition

Yummy Tuckers Healthy FoodWe provide the best quality fresh restaurant grade fruits, vegetables and products from local sources, delivered direct to your child’s daycare centre.

Experience with lessons learnt over the past two and a half years enables us to present healthy choices that are appealing and child friendly.

No added E numbers in our preservative free bread, muffins, cake slices and healthy biscuits.

Our foods are produced in our highly safety conscious, modern commercial kitchens in Noosaville and Newstead.

Please go have a look at our Dietitian’s page, it’s full of great information.

Environmentally Friendly

Yummy Tuckers Environmentally FriendlyEarth friendly service using re-usable platter dishes and biodegradable plant oil yogurt pots so there is no damaging waste to worry about.

Our boxes are made from natural annually renewable materials including, sugarcane and reed pulp. The boxes will breakdown in landfill if dedicated composting is not available.

Save money with no food wastage at home with goods going off quickly and no extra rush journeys to the supermarket to buy expensive last minute bits.

No washing up or storage of those nasty plastic boxes so less water usage and no plastic in landfill for hundreds of years.

Saves you time!

Yummy Tuckers Saves you TimeNo more rushed morning preparation, trying to come up with appealing, but nutritionally balanced lunches for your child.

No more nasty clean up in the evening cleaning dirty containers.

STRESS FREE!! With no more mad dashes to the supermarket, no worrying about nutrition We do all the worrying for you  ensuring the correct nutrition is given to your child everyday

No more ‘Pester Power’ whilst shopping!!

Saves you money!

Yummy Tuckers Saves you money

Did you know the average morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for a child’s food at Daycare is costing you around $6 depending on the quality of the food? Did you know the average Australian throws away over 12% of food bought at the shops?! So add that into the equation and you are spending around $6.72 per day!

Get your Daycare to take the Yummy Tuckers service on board and you can forget the stress of buying and preparing your child a healthy, balanced lunch and let our nutritionist developed menu  and direct delivery to your child, turn your morning routine into a fun easy and stress free time spent with your children.

Seasonal Produce.

All fruits and vegetables have a particular time of year when they are at their peak. Eating according to the seasons is an important part of a healthy and sustainable diet: it has a host of benefits for our health, our hip pocket, the environment, and local business. It’s also fun, delicious, and very, very easy!

Until quite recently, seasonal eating was universal, without modern technology or transport, we relied on our skills to take advantage of the best growing seasons for each food, and to last through the times of scarcity. Today, the globalized food market has given us the “convenience” of being able to buy any food at any time of the year. This has greatly reduced our awareness of the seasons and the
environment, at a time when this awareness is most badly needed.

Foods that are not in season locally will have been shipped from another part of the world, unnecessarily using up energy and emitting greenhouse gases through transportation. Eating seasonally encourages us to buy local produce, which will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save our businesses the labour costs of transport and storage, as well as supporting our local economy. We can heighten these benefits by buying from farmers’ markets and food co-ops instead! As well as paying less, you will be helping local farmers to build a very sustainable food industry.

Eating seasonally brings amazing variety to our diet. Once we can break out of the rut of buying the same foods all year round, we will begin to enjoy a sense of celebration every time a new food comes into season. We will have a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness of each season, and for the range of tastes, colours and textures it provides. The seasons give us a long-forgotten sense of the wonderful natural cycles that our society generally ignores.

Seasonal food also plays a role in holistic health – generally, fruits and vegetables appear during the season in which they are best for your body. Rich, full-bodied apples and pumpkins are winter foods, while light, juicy, refreshing mangoes and cucumbers are suited to summer.

Most importantly, though, fresh food in season is unbeatable in terms of taste, nutritional value and variety. Most out-of-season food has been grown in artificial conditions, picked prematurely and shipped halfway around the world, giving it ample time to deteriorate and lose nutrients; this food is also limited
to those varieties that can survive long-distance travel. The vitality and freshness of seasonal food is a pleasure to which very little can compare.