Benefits For Your Children


• Builds a solid base for future healthy eating habits through early exposure to healthy food.
• Healthy food education.
• Improved behaviour and concentration as a result of a low sugar low GI menu plan therefore allowing your children to learn more. Please see the video testimonials!
• Variety every day – you’ll be amazed what they will ask you for after a few weeks of Yummy Tuckers!!
• Helps fussy eaters thru positive peer pressure.
• Promotes good social skills via the platter system and communal eating.

Benefits For You, The Parents

• Convenience – Just fill up their water bottle in the morning and you’re away!!
• More Time – spend quality time with your child in the mornings maybe having a healthier unrushed breakfast together.
• Saves some money – we think when you add in the cost of wastages at home, the mad dashes to the supermarket and the value of your own time you will be saving heaps!
• No more nagging – Did you know the major brands actually promote this and have given it the name PESTER POWER!! ……We all know what it’s like as parents being pestered in the supermarket to buy yucky branded goods with the latest superhero on it or cuddly cartoon figures. Yummy Tuckers gets rid of that for you!! Say No To Pester Power!!!…..Click the I want Yummy Tuckers button!!!
• Professionally Balanced Nutrition by our Paediatric Dietitian ensures your child is obtaining the optimal daily intakes.

Benefits For Your Centre

• Easy facilitation of the service – foods are delivered early in the morning and placed in each individual room’s fridge so just take off the glad wrap and put the platters on the table.
• No food preparation.
• No heating in microwaves.
• No food storage.
• Promotes healthy eating which is part of the Childcare Curriculum.
• Promotes making healthy choices which is also part of the Childcare Curriculum.
• Promotes with food education.
• Huge value add to the centres service which differentiate them and in turn increase occupancy rates.
• Makes Children and Parents very Happy!!
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