Our menus are designed to give plenty of Choice & Variety for the children every day.

We provide fantastic fruit and raw vegetable platters along with a sweet and a savoury carbohydrate for AM and PM teas.

Lunches offer a fabulous 4 filling choice sandwich platter with different daily combos full of salads and shredded vegetables bringing colour and fun to healthy eating.  We also serve a Queensland Yoghurt Company yoghurt for lunch every day which simply put is the best yoghurt in the world!!.

Our uncooked meats are roasted/ poached by us in our kitchen then either shredded or sliced ready for the sandwich as it is being made. Our fruit and veg is of the highest grade and delivered to us daily. All our healthy oat biscuits, vegetable cakes and muesli bars are all ‘home made’ i.e. baked by us and are low GI, contain no manufactured/unnatural preservatives and the minimal amount of raw sugar or no sugar at all. Items marked on the menu (SF) are Sugar Free and (GF) are Gluten Free.

We source locally to our kitchens with our meats, vegetables, salads and yoghurt all of restaurant quality and superior to what you would normally buy at your local store.

Typical Weekly Menu