Testimonials & Reviews

Here are just a few reviews from some of our customers taken from Facebook, as you can see we are providing Parents and their Children with a product and a service they both really like.

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“Hi Mike, Renee and Mick, wanted to say thanx for the Yummy Tuckers for the boys for the past two weeks! Its has been fantastic!!!! My two and four year old clean out all their boxes each day, the daycare said that they get excited when it comes to eating now and their behaviour is 100% improved since they have been eating your beautiful lunches!!!!! And the bonus is… don’t have to get up and make lunches each morning befor work and i know they are having healthy food all day, so if i have had a hard day at work, i can get pizza and not feel guilty about getting takeaway!!!! Thanx soooo much Mike, you have made life so much easier and my friends want to know when they can order for their primary,high school kids and even my work!!! LOL!!! Thanx again, we think what ur doing is brilliant!!! Every child should have Yummy Tuckers!!!! Renee Pryce” – via Facebook.

“I’m so happy for Ren & Mick & their two boys – Yummy Tuckers has made a 100% improvement to their lives!” Reference changes in the kids’ behaviour!Anna Evans – via Facebook.

“Firstly to let you know that you are officially Man of the Year in my book! I am a full time working mum and get into a rut with the shopping, so the poor kids get the same lunch boxes over and over again. Zain’s first week was a bit rough but they ( Day Care) assured me he was at least trying everything. This week he seems to be eating much more and seems to be getting used to the food. So thank you very much! Congratulations Mike, I think you have a winner. Best service ever!” Joanne – via Email to YT.

Just wanted to say a big thanks for your service! We’re very happy we signed up, all the carers at Kids Plus are impressed too. I’m sure it won’t be too long before you get more sign ups from Coolum.Many thanks again Cheers! Bec – via Email to YT

Thank you ‘Yummy Tuckers’! my boys got there first lunch orders last week and they were both very impressed, and so was i when i had a look in their boxes in morning. Usually they dont finish everything so i was hoping for a sample when they got home lol but it was all gone. Daycare was also impressed. Thank you for giving me that extra few minutes of sleep in now that i dont have to make my Tiny Tots Tucker!
Heidi Lebrun – via Facebook

Hi! Was so nice to not have to make lunch this morning! Saw Thomas’s first Yummy Tuckers lunch in the fridge at daycare and had a peek.. WOW! Really generous serves, all looks very fresh and healthy.. I even had a bit of a nibble and it all tasted great!
Thumbs up for such a great service! Will let you know how he goes eating it all!
Thanks again!!

Kate Van Zutphen– via Facebook

Hey mike. Yes i absolutely love it was great my son even ate at least half of it which is an improvement as he doesn’t normally eat much at all 🙂 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
Carly Green -Via Facebook

Thanks so much for our intro to Yummy Tuckers today. There were lots of positive comments!
Roslyn Campbell – Via Facebook

Tyler just got home & i would love to know where the beautiful strawberries came from !
Carly Green -Via Facebook

Very good, he ate it! Surfing before work might just become a reality again, hope your business will expand to schools in the next few years…
Dr Adam Fish(ref’ his Son who has been a little fussy with his eating) -Via Facebook.